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Boku no Hero Academia: Tsuyoi “Jet” Hagane  by Dvanw6

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Tabantha Wheat by Min (WINNER)

Final Fantasy XII: Aria Aegis Grimmeoux by Latis

Teen Titans: Mary Jones (Possessed Girl) by Nap Tales

The Lord of the Rings: Camellia Boffin by Dave Stankoven

Steven Universe: Silver Diamond by Tammy

Digimon Adventure: Nevada by Potoh

RWBY: Ramon Baldo by David Alanis

Lord of the Rings: Sereg Tauron by HawkHunting

Starcraft: Huzundar by Alkh

Overwatch: Ljiljana Kovac (Mantis) by Sell

Sonic the Hedgehog: Nam Dae Hyun by Tomoki

Boku no Hero Academia: Enrique Montenegro by ~stampi~

Boku no Hero Academia: Maruko Kumai by KumaMask