Whats tacocat spelled backwards – Slatechu

I see what you did there… 😉

If you had to ride an animal or a mythical creature in battle, which would it be? – A Narwhal

I’d probably go with a griffin. Not only are they totally badass, but they are also kind of adorable!

Hi! ( ᐛ )/ What did you want to be when you grew up while you were a kid? What do you want to be in the future now that you’re older? – MylCreates

Hi, Myl! I actually wanted to be a veterinarian when I was a kid. I was kind of a weird child because I’d go looking for roadkill and then poking it with a stick and dissecting it to see its organs. My parents weren’t very pleased with this hobby. The other thing I wanted to do (not necessarily as a career) was to write stories, mainly fantasy. I had a wild imagination that always got away from me. My grandmother really thought I’d take after her and go down the artist’s path. I kind of did with these reviews, but other than that I haven’t written anything other than scientific papers for several years.

Now, I’m aiming to become a behaviour analyst. I’m currently in school (and will be for quite a while still) and working as a behaviour interventionist for kids with autism. I want to branch out though and work with adults, and maybe in the gerontology field as that is a growing concern. Basically, behaviour analysts are consultants for families, schools, and other staff to help change unwanted behaviours and to encourage new, more positive, behaviours. That’s a really simplified explanation. If you want more detail, I love talking about it, so feel free to ask! 

Since you seem to know your way around comics… do you draw comics too? – MIK

Ah, I think that saying, “Those who can’t do, teach” fits really well here. I actually don’t have a long history with comics – I guess I sort of do, but I never analyzed them like I do now – so I’m fairly new to a lot of different genres of comics, especially manga. I’ve thought of drawing comics, but due to a lack of time and concept formation, I never really got there. Honestly, if I’m going to do anything, it would be novels. I absolutely love drawing, but writing is where my heart truly is. It’s more natural to me.

Maybe one day I’ll release some stories that I have written…

sorbet or icecream? – goenn

Ice cream for sure. I find sorbet too sweet. I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Who would win? Astronauts vs Cavemen? – natethegreater

Cavemen would have a brutality to them that astronauts probably wouldn’t, but astronauts have a ridiculous amount of survival training skills. Who knows what NASA trains them for, either… so I’m going to say astronauts.

What’s your SSN? Naw… What kind of stories do you like best? -Maelstrom51210

I grew up on fantasy stories and my grandmother and parents read the entire Narnia series and Harry Potter series (up to book 3 I think) to me before I could read. So I think that has influenced my love for the genre. But honestly I like all stories as long as they are told well! I’m a real sucker for main characters that tend to put themselves in terrible situations and then come up with the most creative escape routines. 

I know you did reviews before you moved over to tapastic, so how long have you been at it? And what made you start in the first place? – Vikiro Hop

Oh gosh. I started a few years ago on Inkblazers. I think back in 2013? I started because I got sick and tired of writing scientific papers for school and I was craving some imaginative writing and storytelling, but didn’t have the time to read a novel. A friend of mine introduced me to some manga comics online, and they were short enough that I could read them on breaks between work. I kind of became addicted to webcomics after that. It escalated when I found Unsounded by Ashley Cope. From there I looked for more webcomics and stumbled across ( I think I literally stumbled on them using the app StumbleUpon) Smackjeeves and then Inkblazers. I loved the community at Ink so I decided I wanted to contribute somehow. I started by just leaving little comments on peoples comics, and then that somehow escalated to me writing reviews. The first few ones I did I actually reached out to the creators and asked if I could write a review. After three or so were out, I started getting requests. So I made my waiting list, and here we are, 50 completed reviews later and 80 on the waiting list!

If the world were to end tomorrow, what would your delicious, delicious last supper be? – Zelkats

What a cruel question. Can it be a 20+ course meal consisting of one delicacy from every country? I want to taste the world before I die.

If you had to choose one song to represent you, which one would it be? – Min

Normally I wouldn’t know how to answer this, but the song Here by Alessia Cara fits at least one aspect of my life. I’ve recently been buying CD’s again for my car rides to and from work, too. I got  sick of the songs on the radio so I’ve been jumping between 21 Pilots, Panic! At the Disco, Daughter, and The 1975. 

Are… are you REALLY a cat?

But really though, when you do buy 12,000 cats, what kinds of cats would you want the most? What would you name your 12,000 cats? – Tomoki

Meow! …maybe. 😉

What kind of cats would I want the most, hmmm. Cats with unique markings would be cool. Then I could name them all by their physical characteristics. There was this one cat that I saw at an animal shelter that was named Braus… he had markings above his eyes that looked like eyebrows –he was in constant surprise!

C-Can we be friends :D? – The Bartender

What kind of question is that?! Of course we can! 😀

Side note: I’m always open to private messages. I enjoy talking to people on Tapastic, you guys and gals are all so lovely! *The same goes for all you WordPress followers! ❤ 

What is your fave anime? – Deathkitty

Very tricky question. Anime movie, I’ve always been a big fan of Howl’s Moving Castle. As for shows, I can’t really pick one, but I’m currently watching HunterxHunter and I’m loving it. The characters are all very well depicted and the plot has a very purposeful attitude. What I mean by this is that everything that happens seems to be relatively important to the plot. This is a nice change from classic anime shows like, Naruto which constantly has fillers. I hate those. One thing that bugs me about anime shows though is how much the characters feel like they have to explain why they did or someone else did something. Show, don’t tell! We can figure it out, dammit (their explanations are always so long too… gah)!

When did you write your very first review? – Maffi

I kind of answered this one already, but to expand, my very first review was Rumplestiltskin by H0lyhandgrenade. If you haven’t read that comic, I suggest you do. It’s a spin-off comic that I think is done very well. I’m embarrassed by those old reviews though… I barely gave any feedback.


Has anyone ever been mad at you over their review? :0 – Josie J.E.S.

Nope! Everyone is genuinely really grateful and take any criticism I may have given them really well. I think that the people who are asking for reviews are looking for areas where they can improve, so they are expecting the criticism. I’ve gotten some artists give excuses for why they may have weaknesses in certain areas, but nothing that was negative and really directed towards me. ❤


If you have any questions you would like to ask me, feel free to ask in the comments below, or email me at wintrekitty@gmail.com.