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She is 27 years old, 5,7 ft tall, lawful, honest, quiet and fierce in battle. She hates oranges and being ignored. When she gets ignored by someone she can be quite unforgiving and stomp off to train or do other things to let off some steam.

Alkira lives in a village near a canyon, that is inhabited by all kinds of monster. These monsters are constantly attacking. That’s why a guard was formed.
In this guard the fighters get their supplies from mechanically enhanced monster parts.  For example, her wings and sword are made from the scales of a Wyrm that can fly. It is difficult to kill one and more difficult to get their scales because they turn into glass after the scale is skinned. Tiring to turn them into weapons, but once they are forged it is one of the strongest materials that can found there.

Alkira joined the guards when she was 15. She wears the wings like a backpack, so when off duty she doesn’t have to carry them around everywhere.

In her free time, she likes to read books with a cup of tea. She also likes rain a lot due to the smell.

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