“Surreal and stupid, since 2014.”



Seriously Dude by ionix is a series of short, gag-a-day comic strips that offer surreal humour and feel as if it pulls inspiration from comics such as Cyanide and Happiness. This style of comic has a very specific target audience. It can be difficult to find the best way and place to advertise for a comic like this.

Seriously Dude is a fairly vulgar comic with lots of violence and disturbing events occurring throughout. If you are a person who is offended easily, or doesn’t enjoy comics that aren’t the most relatable, then you might find difficulty in enjoying these strips.


This comic has some of the worst spelling and grammar I have seen in one of these review requests so far. I can’t even give any advice here since all of the rules are completely ignored. Very unprofessional vibe from the writing in this comic.


I also find the humour too random, to the point that half of it doesn’t even make sense. The majority of the punchlines are of someone getting hurt, dying, or making fun of someone because of their differences or mental illness. Again, this comic is targeted towards a very specific population.


You shouldn’t have to explain a joke. 

I’ve watched, read, and listened to many comedians telling vulgar jokes, but the reason these people don’t get in trouble with what they say is because of how they present it. Presentation is key with these style of jokes and I’m not sure that Seriously Dude quite grasps where that line is, as there seems to be some level of immaturity in the presentation of this comic.


Every now and then, however, there is a comic that I do enjoy reading, and it is usually because it has something relatable in it. It is important to create context for the audience or pick topics that they know well enough that they can appreciate the joke. If you need to explain it in the comments below, then you should probably rewrite it.



There really isn’t much to say here. Simple stick figures, no backgrounds. I’d like to see cleaner lines with the stick figures (They do improve over time). These work fine for a gag-a-day strip as it gets the point across, however, it would be more visually appealing if the lines were consistent and continuous.

Clean lines on the dog drawing could improve the overall look of this panel.

There are a few instances where some background is used, again, it isn’t always important to get the joke across. It is difficult to review gag-a-days since they rely so heavily on simplicity. Ionix certainly has created a very simple cartoon-style comic, but it would be great to see some variety in character differentiation, and a few items in the background could help set the scene a little bit better.

Even adding a simple table, or a painting in the background could add another level to this strip. 


In conclusion, Seriously Dude by ionix is not for me. I’m sure there is a group of people out there who love random and violent humour. If you think you are one of those people, you may really enjoy Seriously Dude.

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