Please see the contest comic made by Jonny Aleksey first before reading.


  1. You must include one full-body character design (by itself or with a background) and a character model sheet.
  2. Entries must be original characters specifically designed for this contest. This will be verified for each entry.
  3. You may have one entry. The first entry you submit will be used.
  4. All submissions will be posted on Tapas Media and on WintreKitty Reviews as I receive them.*
  5. Submissions will be emailed to Provide your name, website or social media handle, the location of the three features (to guarantee they are counted), and any other information you want to be shared along with your entry.

Due Date:

11:59pm EDT on May 1, 2018. This due date is not subject to change. Any late submissions will not be included.

Grading System:

Character Design

  • Technicalities: 9 points
    • Linework is clean (0-1pts)
    • Coloured (2pts) or black and white (1pts)
    • Accurate and sufficient shading (0-2pts)
    • Character is in an interesting/action pose (0-1pts)
    • Simplistic design (1pt) or detailed (2pts)
    • Three features included: glass, high-tech, blue (0-1pt)
      • If these three features are not included, your overall score will be cut in half
  • Creativity: 8 points
    • Memorable character (0-2pts)
      • this is comparative to the other entries
    • Unique traits and/or features (0-3pts)
      • not including the three features
    • Creativity in the implementation of the three features (0-3pts) 

Donation System:

  • Funds for prizes will be collected via donations to either Ko-fi and/or the Tapas Tipping program.
  • All donations received will go directly to the winner(s).


  • First place will receive a minimum of $100(CAD) and be reliant on further donations.
  • Second and third place prizes pending.
  • Prizes will be given via PayPal unless otherwise negotiated.

Please note: You have the right to all designs you create. These designs must be originally made for the contest, but you will retain full rights before and after the contest ends. You may share your entry as you please at any point during the contest. If at any point you wish to be withdrawn from the contest, you do not need to provide an explanation. Email me and I will remove your entry.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at

*If you wish for your entry not to be posted on one of these sites, please inform me in your submission.