September 30, 2018

I am no longer doing free reviews. For a paid review, please email me ( Thank you.

January 6, 2018

Happy New Year! 

July 9, 2017

Hey everyone,

Just a heads up, reviews are going on a very sudden hiatus. I haven’t been feeling great with how my reviews have been turning out and I need to figure them out again. They have fallen into a routine and have lost something that I have to grasp again before I feel happy with how they are written. I’ll keep you posted on when they come back.

Sorry for the inconvenience, I know a lot of you have been waiting a very, very long time for these reviews.

Thank you for being patient with me. I want to make sure these reviews are as beneficial to you as possible.

All the best,

May 30, 2017

The next contest is on its way, but I need your help! We need donations for the prize! Click here, or tip me via the Tapas tipping program!

May 14, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day!
Reviews are back on track and will be released once a week.

Congrats to Dave Stankoven for winning first place in the contest! All entries were fantastic, well done guys and gals 😀 You can see all entries here as well as on Tapas.

Future contests are a possibility, but I need to make a quick notice about that:

I will not be making another Tapas-coins-heavy contest. Future contests will be reliant on a potluck feature where the art community can contribute to the pot in order to create a large prize for winners. This will be done by tipping me via ko-fi, or through the tapas app. Please consider donating. All donated coins will go towards future contest prizes. I will NOT keep the tips for myself.

Side note: The next contest will not begin until there is at least $100 in tips. Any amount below that is not worth a contest in my opinion. I would love to give away as much money as possible. So please, if you have a lot of artists you want to support but can’t afford to support them all, or can’t decide who you want to support more, consider donating to my ko-fi or tapas account instead, and then your contribution will be given away to the best creators.

April 19, 2017

Quick update: Review list is now closed and the contest is wrapping up in less than 2 weeks. Make sure to get your entries in by 11:59pm PST on May 1st.

March 4, 2017

Tapastic-based contest is live and submissions may be sent to by May 1, 2017. You can check out the contest here.

Although I posted a review recently, I am still on hiatus until May. Yes, I am aware how long my waiting list is. Yes, you can still ask for a review, just keep in mind that the people at the top of the list currently have been waiting several years for their review.

That is all.


January 16, 2017

A month has past since my last news update. A lot has changed.

I will be releasing one more review sometime this week before going on a hiatus until May. However, I will be starting a very Tapastic-based contest soon, involving the creation of new character designs. Please vote for a theme here:

With the help of a very talented comic artist, I’ll be releasing the info for the contest soon.



December 16, 2016

And reviews are back on a weekly update for the next three weeks! I’m looking forward to it 🙂

I also just released a new review, so go check that out now! Let’s see if I can keep it going in the new semester as well so we can have more than just one or two a month!

October 3, 2016

Hey everyone!

I’ve got some exciting news: I’m going to be creating another Tips and Tricks! YAAAAAAAY!

What does this mean exactly? Well, first, take a look at my previous one here:

Second, I’m going to be essentially “interviewing” various webcomic creators around Tapastic and other communities. The idea is that we can collaborate to create a post dedicated to how you can continue to thrive and improve in your work.

This is where, you, the comic community, come in. I want you lovelies to help me find the creators you would most want to hear advice from. Who do you admire? Who is your senpai? Who is that one creator that you look up to, and is a huge inspiration to you as a reader or an artist?

Leave a comment below saying who you would like me to interview (you can list as many as you want!), and I’ll do my best to reach out to them!

Please share this around so we can collect as many responses as possible! If you decide to post this on your twitter, tumblr, or even tapastic profile, please let me know so that I can track the responses!


October 3, 2016

Quick update: The favourites for October are up, so go check those out. Also, I managed to squeeze out another review which you can check out as well.

My schedule is as busy as ever, so I have no idea when the next review will be. But if you want to keep getting updates from me, or follow my daily writing challenge, check out my twitter, @WintreKitty! I’m fairly active there.



August 27, 2016

Some big news!

As most of you may already know, I’ll be heading into a very intensive semester this year in school. I’ll be working on a practicum placement that will take 25-30 hrs a week plus work and classes on top of this – it leaves very little time for working on reviews. I will attempt to release a review at least bi-weekly, but I’m unsure if this will be possible. If that’s the case, my reviews may go on an unpredictable schedule or even a hiatus.

One thing you can still expect is the monthly Wintre’s Favourites list. I plan to still update that as it doesn’t require as much time and effort as the reviews themselves. So keep an eye out for those! You never know if one of your comics will be picked! 🙂

August 12, 2016

Hey everyone!

So there will be a new review out on Tuesday, but I’m unsure on when the next one will be after that. I’ll be heading home for two weeks to visit family.

Unlucky for me, but lucky for you, my home province is having the worst drought in over 100 years, plus unbearably hot, humid weather. So I probably won’t be very active when I’m home, which could potentially mean that I’ll have time to work on reviews.

Again, I’m not sure, so we will play it by ear.



July 31, 2016

Technically it’s an hour early for me, but the August favourites are now up in Wintre’s Favourites!

I’m almost done my hectic week, and I’m soooo looking forward to a normal schedule again. Things went to shit yesterday as staff called in sick and I ended up working a double from 3pm until 7am. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again anytime soon!

See you all soon with a new review!


July 19, 2016

Whew! And another one bites the dust!

Check out the new review for Burning Bright by ErithEl!

I am expecting to get another review out next week Tuesday, but after that it might be August before you see another one. It’s going to be a hectic week next week so I’ll do my best, but no promises.

Also, I get to visit family from August 17-31st. I am hoping to continue to release weekly reviews, but I can’t promise anything. I’ll keep you posted.



July 2, 2016

Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a quick update:

New review will be released Tuesday!

I’ve also created a tip jar via ko-fi (partnered with PayPal) which I will link here, but can also be found on the sidebar of this blog. If you would like to support my reviews financially, I would absolutely adore you!

I would love to continually provide free reviews for as long as possible and your support can help that remain true.

Thank you,


June 24, 2016

New review will be available on Tuesday!

Also HUGE thank you to the wonderful and talented CK aka IcarusMask, the creator of Name Pending for the amazing commission! I recommend him 110%! If you can’t afford a commission, please support him by following his webcomic and tweeting out that his commissions are currently open ❤


June 7, 2016

New review is up and I’m aiming for some consistency again! The plan is that Tuesdays will be my update days from here until the end of August (maybe mid-August as I’m visiting family after that).


May 25, 2016

Having some technical difficulties. Please bear with me. The main issue is that my graphics driver randomly crashes. Although it doesn’t completely prevent me from working on the reviews, it significantly slows me down and gets me so frustrated that I’m really not in the right mindset to be writing them. I’m working hard on getting this fixed, so please be patient.



May 14, 2016

Sorry, I’m having a bit of a setback with the review releases lately. I’m working on getting back into a regular routine. My schedule has changed dramatically since my semester in university has ended and now I’m working constantly. As soon as I figure out where the best gaps are, I’ll have a better sense of when and how often I can release them.

Thanks for being patient!


April 28, 2016

New review is up, so you can check that out!

April 21, 2016

I have had a few people ask about some new content outside of reviews, so I’ve added the More section. Go check it out.

My exams are all finished, so here’s to a more consistent review schedule! Woot!