Artist: Amy West
Location of Features:
Glass – Esfwro is able to mentally compress any amount of sand into glass. This can then be used both as a weapon and a shield in the defense of his mistress. In the action pose it can be located being formed on both is right and left as well as molding to his body as body armor on the left side of his torso.
High Tech – Esfwros right eye, ear, arm, and 4 of his ribs have been replaced with either metal or cybernetic prostheses. His right arm and eye are fully integrated into his nervous system so that he is still capable of fine tuned and delicate articulation. His right eye gives him near perfect night vision and it also to glows as it is back lit. You can see the exterior support for his replaced ribs peeking out from under his vest on the right side of his torso.
Blue – Esfwro belongs to the young mistress of a house whose family colors are Blue, Navy, and Gold. As such his clothing reflects this heavily. Both his outfit in the Action Pose and his alternative outfit on the Character Model page reflect this (as do the doodles of him with his mistress).

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