Artist: Dvd Wing

Location of Features:

Glass: the piece of glass she is melting and reshaping

High tech: her hands that are prostetic and they have the ability to burn and to levitate objects.

Blue: her eyes colors, and some parts of her clothes


Emilia in younger age want it to be an artist however some cruel people burn her building and Emilia was trap in her room and the firefighters were rescuing other people in the building luckily and agent who was renting the room go to help the people he can save and hear Emilia scream then the agent rescue her in time but he didn’t see structures of the ceiling crashing and Emilia push him to save him but in doing so the ceiling smash her hands, and Emilia was suffering a lot luckily the agent save her and both of them made out.

Unfortunately the doctor tell her that her hands were never going to work again so they amputated her because the hands were just death meat, the agent feeling guilty and blaming himself for not saving her in time put her with the permission of his parents a program of prosthetic hands and because of that the government give her new metallic hands and with some experiments the metal adapt to her need to the point she made herself the gauntlet and now she uses the pain of the fire to reshape the glass to turned them into new a beautiful things.

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