Please see the comic created by Cyndi Foster, creator of Oops Comic Adventure, first before reading the following:

EDIT: Second and third place prizes are now available!

  • 1st place will be 100,000 tapas coins plus a review or edit of any work you choose*.
  • 2nd place will be a review or edit of any work you choose (If the chosen work is long, a section will be reviewed or edited), PLUS any coins that I have collected above the 1st place prize of 100,000, up to a total of 50,000 coins.
  • 3rd place will be a review or edit of any work you choose, for a total of 2 pages** (pages do not have to be sequential), PLUS any coins that I have collected above the 2nd place prize cap of 50,000.
    • For example, If I collect 160,000 by the deadline, 1st place receives 100,000 coins, 2nd place receives 50,000 coins, and 3rd place receives 10,000 coins. There is a chance that 2nd and 3rd place may receive no coins.

Any character design is acceptable as long as it is a sentient being (i.e. human, animal, alien, cyborg, etc.), and fits the theme.

Although it isn’t necessary, it may be helpful to include a character sheet. The more description you have for how unique your character is, the better (this is especially important if your design doesn’t clearly show some of the traits that the character has -for example, the ability to read minds).

You may also decide to include a short biography of your character if you think that is important to the design. Again, it isn’t mandatory, but it may help in expressing how your character stands out from others.

This contest is all about having the most original concept. Get creative with this, but don’t forget that it has to make sense. If your design doesn’t physically work then you will lose points (however, if you can explain why you decided to design it that way, then it may be wise to include that).

You may NOT include character designs that you have already created. These must be new, and solely for the purpose of this contest. Once the contest is over, you may use your designs however you wish. I will be checking to ensure that all contest entries are new, original designs.

These rules are set in stone and are not subject to change. However, there are a few rules that may change, and they are as listed below (I will notify you if they do):

  1. Prizes (new prizes may be added or old prizes may be increased, but will never be removed or decreased).
  2. Winners announcement date may be extended (NOT the due date).
  3. Points system (this will NOT change once all entries are in, so as to not impact the integrity of the contest).

Please email all entries to Entries must be in by May 1, 2017. No exceptions. One, full body character design per artist. You must be part of the Tapastic tipping program to participate. If you are not part of it already, you can email Michael at

*Any work you choose refers to comics, scripts, novels, and the like. Paintings, animations, drawings, etc. are an option, but I highly recommend choosing something in a written or story-based format to get the most out of the critique.

**The 2 page limit may be negotiated based on amount of content.