WintreKitty Reviews was first designed on Inkblazers (originally Mangamagazine) in February 2014. Inkblazers announced they were shutting down in February 2015, causing many artists to move to a new location. After much contemplation I made the decision to move WintreKitty Reviews to a new location as well, both for the sake of the promised reviews for many artists, as well as for my own love of reviewing comics.

With the success of the move from Inkblazers to a personal blog, the waiting list for reviews is now closed until further notice. If you are looking for a review and are struggling to find a critic, you can email me at and I’ll link you to some people who may still be taking requests.

There is now more than just reviews at WintreKitty Reviews, however! Check out the Tips and Tricks pages, or even participate in a contest!

If you have any suggestions on how WintreKitty Reviews can continue to grow, please feel free to contact me anytime. A critic must always be open to criticism.

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Quick Facts About Me: 

  • I was born in May.
  • I live in Canada.
  • I have three sisters.
  • I consider myself an extroverted introvert.