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July 2017

Mary Jones (Possessed Girl) by Nap Tales


Possy - Nabtales

World: Teen Titans

Real Name: Mary Jones

Aliases: Possessed Girl, Possy

Place of Origin: Jump City

Residence: Unknown

Species: half-human, half-demon

Affiliations: None

Friends: Raven

Family: Ordinary people

Powers & Abilities:

Origin source of power unknown. Suspicion of gaining some from Trigon after events on earth.

  • ExtraSensory Perception
  • Spiritual powers
  • Advanced telekinesis
  • Fire elemntal
  • Red Energy Control
  • Creation of fire-demons


  • Raven
  • Robin
  • Cyborg ( generally only bcs he’s repairing things for her)
  • Terra
  • Listening to music
  • Reading


  • Starfire
  • BestBoy jokes not in the right moment
  • Pop music
  • Repairing electronics


After Teen Titans “The end” episodes
– What … What’s going on? – Mary asked without seeing anything but blinding white. The light slowly gave way and her eyes saw again the streets of Jump City. She saw something falling from the sky. It’s Raven slowly falling down to her friends from Teen Titans.Yes, the titans save the world again – she thought and went ahead. With her first step her heart became more agitated as if it wanted to jump out of her breast. She collapsed in half and grasped her breast. Sweat sprinkled her forehead.

– Are you all right? – Asked a man and laid his hand on her back. He bent down gently to try to look her in the face.

– No, no, I’m fine, thanks – she lied and waved quikly for apologetically goodbye. She dropped all plans for today and went home. The heart continued to throb and her shirt began to stick to her back from the sweat.

She came home and immediately threw herself on the bed. She curled up and huged herself with shoulders. Her body was getting shakes. She squeezed her eyelids. He opened them. Squeezed again. She could not get rid of the four-eyed demon with horns from vision behind her eyelids. With that came a feeling of heat. It grew and grew. She had a silly desire to go to cool off in the shower but she didn’t have the strength to stand up. Heat turned into pain. Smoking pain. Flames spreading from fingertips to the heart. She screamed and her mind filled with the darkness.

She got up from a wet bed of her sweat. She wiped her face. She looked at her hands. Her skin turned darker. She ran to the bathroom. Hair also changed color but it didn’tt catch her attention. Horns grew up from her head and something strange on her forehead. She reached for the strange tuber with her hand. She touched it delicatly. The skin layer unfolded and her third eye appeared on her face.

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Aria Aegis Grimmeoux by Latia

Ari - Lattia.jpg

Name: Aria Aegis Grimmeoux

Age: 21

Universe: Final Fantasy 12

Class: Beserker

Hometown: Archades


Everything happened so quickly, just moments ago she was enjoying breakfast with her father. Now she found herself struggling in restraints, her estate teeming with imperial guard.

“Judge Ghis! What is the meaning of this! Have you gone mad!?” Bolero bellowed, struggling against his own restraints. “What is her charge?”

The judge gave a quiet laugh, loading a few bullets into a pistol, “Murder.” A wicked grin stretched across his face, “She is a traitor to the Empire”

Bolero couldn’t believe what he had heard, “You dare accuse my daughter of such lies?! She is no traitor! Of who’s murder do you accuse!” he lunged forward, getting up into the face of Judge Ghis.

“Why, your murder of course”


Before Bolero could speak the pistol was pressed between his eyes, and a shot was fired. Blood sprayed all across the wall behind him.

“FATHER!” Aria wailed, thrashing in her restraints, the smell of his blood burning her nose. Her body reeled; she couldn’t look at the display before her. The blood gushing from his head as he crumpled to the floor made her ill.

“Why….why…” she sobbed, squeezing her eyes shut, silently praying it is merely a dream.

“Your father was a smart man, well, too smart…” Ghis began, “We can’t have your father parading about preaching about our secrets, so what better way to be rid of him?”

He leaned in and ran a thumb down Aria’s cheek, leaving a thick line of blood from his glove, “I mean it’s a genius idea, getting rid of both of you is more than Lord Solidor could ever ask for”

Aria took her chance and swung forward, head-butting the judge with all her strength, the force of the impact near knocking her out.  “You won’t get away with this…” her voice was shaky and full of rage.

She was immediately met with Ghis’s armored fist, the sharp edges cutting into her lip and a small spray of her blood trickling from the corners of her mouth. She staggered backwards, Judge Ghis pulled her back up by her braid. “Nobody is going to believe a brat like you” he spat in her face, shoving her back into the guards grip.

Out of anger, the Judge shot a few of the other guards in the room, “Besides, you’re a murderer, my men died valiantly to protect me after all…” He smiled evilly

“Take her away, I have judged her with my own eyes, she is sentenced to Nalbina Fortress for life for the murder of Bolero Aegis Grimmeoux, four royal guards, and transpiring against the Empire”

Before Aria could protest, she felt a sharp pain in the back of her head and she fell to the ground, the last thing she could see before darkness consumed her was the cold lifeless eyes of her father.

“I’m sorry…”

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Tabantha Wheat by Min

Tabantha Wheat - Min

Name: Taba

Universe/World: Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


The curious shop rests on a distant cliff, barely visible through fog and moonlight. You grab your paraglider and leap from the other side of the deep canyon, navigating safely over the landscape. You reach the other side, but you’ll have to walk some distance up a grassy hill. You tuck away the paraglider and start jogging.

Kilton is at his usual place behind the counter of his shop. He spots you and waves a clawed hand in greeting. “Link!”

You wave back. Of course the merchant knows your name. At this point, you’re a regular at his shop. You’ve seen every piece of merchandise and every gruesome monster part. You know the ins and outs and –


You stare in shock at the bizarre. . . What is that behind Kilton?

Kilton notices your confusion. “Oh yeah, you haven’t seen my newest creation, have you? Hey, robot!” he barks.

The figure turns slightly. You can now make out an eerie golden mask suspended in midair. Its body is composed of black and sheer blue fabric, with curious blue energy pulsing down through uneven lines to delicate metallic hands.

“I found the mask during my travels,” Kilton explains. “But when I picked it up, it came to life!”

You question Kilton about something.

“Yeah, I built it those hands,” the merchant boasts. “It was a big help creating new gear to sell. But lately, it hasn’t been listening to anything I say. Robot! Come here.”

As if on cue, the robot moves away from Kilton and towards with a whoosh. You start back, but all it does is cheerfully circle you.

Kilton guffaws. “The robot seems interested in your stash, Link.”

Sure enough, the mysterious robot has found your collection of herbs and plants. It carefully pinches each stalk with two fingers and inspects it before moving onto the next one. There seems to be a kind of wordless communication going on between you two. “I guess the silent types get along,” Kilton comments.

Maybe you could figure out what’s on the robot’s mind? . . . Oh. Is that it? You look back at Kilton and suggest something.

“What? You think – you think the robot is upset because it wants what?”

You nod.

“Ridiculous,” the merchant says. “You really think all it wants is its own name?”

Both of you turn to look at the robot, which now has a single stalk of Tabantha Wheat in its fingers. It seems to have taken a liking to the grain of similar golden hue.

“Tabantha Wheat? . . . What about ‘Taba’?” Kilton calls to the robot. “Taba!”

Taba perks up.

“Let’s get to work on that prototype we designed the other day, shall we? I’ll get the template!”

Is it just your imagination, or does Taba’s body look lighter? The newly-named robot moves back behind the counter and busily rummages through a barrel of monster parts.

Kilton turns back to you with a gruesome grin. “So what can I get for you at Fang and Bone tonight?”

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