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Maruko Kumai by KumaMask

maruko entry contest.jpg

Name: Maruko Kumai

World: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)

Age: 15

Height: 158 cm

Quirk: Bearserk, rage of the bear – This quirk is an exponential increase in one’s physical abilities under very strong/aggressive emotions, especially when enraged, and follows an inverse proportion in which more mind control means less strength, and the less one controls their mind, the closer to the maximum strength levels of their body they get. However, being in the berserk state for too long may damage the user’s body. Said damage is proportional to the amount of strength used. Also, possessing the genes of this quirk means the person has a tendency to get mad easily.


Still sitting on her bed, Maruko sighed. It was already time to choose which school she would attend to, and although she had one in mind, it seemed like a distant dream. Not because of money, but because of herself. And her damn destructive quirk.

Her hands grasped the backpack tightly, and the index finger’s claw got stuck to the fabric as she ruminated her thoughts. Her feet seemed heavy as she walked towards the entrance door of her house.

Today was the day. The final deadline her teachers had given her to make a choice.

And did she have the answer they wanted?


Even so, Maruko set out of home and ran through the streets towards school. Running would help her wind out a bit. However, as she was crossing one of the familiar residential streets, the ground started shaking violently. As the trembling increased, a loud sound came from somewhere nearby, and almost immediately, the screams, piercing through her heart with what could only be described as pure despair.

The earthquake lasted for a few seconds more, but not the screams.

She ran, wanting to leave that place as soon as possible. However, the screams cut the air again, piercing her heart with such agony that she couldn’t help but run towards their origin. When she got to the accident scene, Maruko could understand what had happened there through fragments of information she heard here and there from the crowd that quickly formed around an old house that crumbled down when the earthquake hit. Apparently, the one screaming for help was a wounded woman who had just been rescued, and that was restoring it with her partner.

“He’s still inside! My husband!” She cried out. “Somebody, please, save him!!”

“It’s too dangerous!!” A man replied, preventing her from running towards the house. “The structure is too unstable, it might fall down at any moment!”

Without even noticing, Maruko ran towards her:

“Do you have anything I can use to track his smell?” She asked.

“H-have this!” She desperately searched her pockets, and finally gave the schoolgirl a napkin. Maruko took it, sniffed it and ran towards the house.

“Wait!” Someone said, but the girl was already inside the collapsing building. There, among all the strange smells, she found the one she was looking for and ran towards it as the crackling sounds above her intensified. When Maruko got to the man, he was stuck under a collapsed wall, way too heavy for her to lift. For a split second, she though of leaving it to the pro-heroes. Then, the whole structure crackled and she understood it.

There was no time to waste.

And the only solution was to use her quirk.

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Enrique Montenegro by ~stampi~

Stampi 2Stampi

Name: Enrique Montenegro

World: Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia)


“One minute, that is what it takes to change a life, to save a life, or to lose one…

It was a summer day and the heat was intense.

I was taking care of my little siblings while my father was buying the groceries and mother was at work, as always… I guess you could say she was a hero…but at my home town she used to be even more… a legend. “La Santa María” , they used to call her and yes, she was amazing like a saint. The most beloved hero in town. She had always appeared so balanced, and her quirk…she knew how to control it… not like her eldest son, me.

For my dad…well he was pretty normal, he worked as a mechanic in systems for a multinational and, of course, he was quirkles…

And for me? Well, you could say I’m just a weird mix. My quirk could be an electric zone like my mother so I could easily fight and work it out for once and all but well… my quirk…it’s static.

I can basically manipulate all kinds of electronics on my will and send electroshocks thru them.

But there I was…a nine year old taking care of his three little siblings. And suddenly the phone rang. When I picked it up a shiver ran down my spine. I felt everything break,  as my father’s distressed voice cried on the phone.

My mother…

She was gone…

“An explosion” they told me…an intentional one.

Why? Why would anyone do such a thing to someone who only brought good things into this world?

That day something changed in me. An feeling bordering on blind revenge but mixed with justice overcame me. A feeling as strange as me.

Two years passed, and my father got a job opportunity in Japan. None of us liked it but we needed the money. It was hard at first, being in the other side of the world…thought we all used to it, with the time.

And in this new times, new decisions had to be made… and mine was to become like my mother, if not, better.

The UA was my chance, so I took it. Entering was the easy part: they were actually impressed that I could take control of the giant robots to destroy themselves, and they just accepted me like that.

The real story is yet to come.

But, for now, that’s the start of my story, the life of Enrique Montenegro, the one with the static quirk.”

Nam Dae Hyun by Tomoki

Nam Dae Hyun.jpg

Name: Nam Dae Hyun

World: Sonic the Hedgehog


About a half a mile out from the walls of a city in the cool desert night, a pair of Egg Pawns patrol the outer perimeter. The expressionless robots surveyed the landscape, expecting to find intruders that had been frequenting the city walls recently. Protocols having deemed this area clear of imminent threat, the two turn to move onward to the next designated patrol coordinates.
One turns to witness a split second of a dark figure having pounced onto its partner patrol unit, crushing it almost flat. The Pawn began moving to eliminate the threat, but was swiftly wrapped up in a sticky, string-like substance before it could properly identify the target. The Pawn was then flung into the nearest tree, crushed on impact.
Standing there over the aftermath, the jumping spider sets down his tracking web to establish the the point of assault.

“Patrol is down, North East gate is wide open for some egg cracking. Follow the web, it’ll take you right to me.” he says into his communication device.

“I can’t see it Dae, where is it?” a grizzly voice crackles over radio.

“I can’t see it either, Dae…” affirms a female voice, echoed in the other line as well.

“Guys, just keep moving around until you see the shimmer of light, it’s not that hard.” he huffs, rolling his eyes. “Lemme know when you guys are close, Min.”

“Already inbound, buddy.” a third voice proclaims. “Let’s make Sonic proud, Freedom Fighters!”

“Make Sonic proud…” Dae mulls over these words, crouching down to start making something out of webbing.

Eggman has taken over the world. Scattered across Mobius are his factories, cities held captive, and a robot army at every turn. But rumor has it, a hero named Sonic, and his friends, the Freedom Fighters, have been successful in taking back parts of the world. Having heard of their bravery, people around the world are mustering what they can to put a stop to Eggman’s tyranny. Dae Hyun and his friends couldn’t stand by and watch Eggman rule with a cruel, iron fist.

After a moment, he stood up to admire the little Sonic sculpture he had erected atop the crushed robot’s body. He turned to see a heron, a panda, and a koala swiftly approaching. Dae took out his camera, snapped a picture for his art collection, and in the blink of an eye, jumped halfway to the wall. In two more jumps and two more blinks, he had scaled the city wall with his powerful legs. At the top, just before jumping down into the city, he turned and looked to the horizon.

“You can count on us, Sonic,” he heaves out under his sighing breath. With a flick of his dew hat, he descended upon the unwary Egg legion, his friends Min, Joon, and Soo close behind. Tonight, this city will freed of Eggman’s grasp.

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